Illinois Probate Litigation, Estate Planning, Will and Trust Contests, Elder Law Attorneys

 Will/Trust Contest Cases – Hillview, White Hall, Rockbridge, Carrollton, Greene County, Illinois

We have over thirty (30) years experience with disputes, controversies and contests involving wills, trusts, estates, guardianships and other related matters involving breach of fiduciary duties, over-reaching, financial manipulation, fraud, duress, tortious interference with expectancies and all matters related thereto.

Estate Settlements – Hamburg, Hardin, Brussels, Kampsville, Calhoun County, Illinois

We have handled estate settlement cases for decades, including matters involving independent administration, supervised administration, probate and non-probate, including representation of Executors, Administrators, beneficiaries, and others, the preparation and filing of estate settlement documents, including admitting wills to probate, obtaining Letters of Office and having First and Final Accounts and Reports approved by the Court.

Guardianships – Valley City, Griggsville, Florence, Pittsfield, New Canton, Pike County, Illinois

We have decades of experience and expertise in the areas of routine and non-routine guardianships, including objections to guardianships of the person, objection to guardianships of the estate, removal of guardians for various reasons, requesting the Court to appoint guardians of the person and estates and representing guardians in regard to annual accounts.

Guardians for Minors and Disabled Adults – Pike County, Illinois, Calhoun County, Illinois, Green County, Illinois, Jersey County, Illinois, Madison County, Illinois

We have vast experience representing clients in regard to establishment of guardianships for minors. In those situations, we file pleadings with the Court, a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed and a hearing is conducted to determine the extent to which a guardianship of the person and/or estate may be appropriate under the circumstances. If a child is disabled, and once the child may become an adult, then we can petition the Court to terminate the guardianship for the minor and proceed with a guardianship for a disabled person, including so as not to disrupt protection of the interests of the minor child, then the disabled adult. We have represented many disabled adults and/or family members in regard to guardianships, involving millions of dollars. In some instances, there are concerns that assets are being invested appropriately so as to ensure a reasonable rate of return and to avoid unnecessary risks in the investment strategy. There are also concerns in recognizing what the disabled minor or disabled adult would have wanted if he or she could communicate their wishes.

Power of Attorneys – Hardin, Calhoun County, Illinois, Pittsfield, Pike County, Illinois, Jerseyville, Jersey County, Illinois, Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois

We have been preparing Power of Attorneys for decades and have experience in regard to removal and revocation of power of attorneys, including durable power of attorneys, living wills, healthcare power of attorneys, property power of attorneys and limited power of attorneys as well as appointments of power of attorneys independently or through the Court.

Elder Law – Barry, Detroit, Kinderhook, Pleasant Hill, Milton, Pike County, Illinois

We have been handling elder law issues for years, including relating to estates, trusts, guardianships, power of attorneys and other matters. Our experience has involved issues relating to old-age, senility, alzheimer and physical and/or mental disabilities.

Wills – Batchtown, Hardin, Calhoun County, Roodhouse, Kane, Greene County, Alton, Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois

We have been preparing wills for clients for decades. These documents take into account the identity of personal representatives, successor personal representatives, beneficiaries and trust provisions. This would also entail staggered distributions to minors in regard to bequests, depending upon facts and circumstances.

Trusts – Patterson, Greenfield, Eldred, Greene County, Illinois

We have been involved in trust matters for years, including drafting Irrevocable Trusts, Revocable Trusts, Medicaid Trust, Testamentary Trusts, Interval Trusts, and other documents. This work includes identifying trustees, successor trustees, the terms and conditions of any trusts, directives regarding distributions made to beneficiaries or others and similar matters.